Sôp - Natural Liquid Hand Soap

The perfect combination between Olive, Coconut, and Castor Oil provides the perfect properties to our soap. With excellent conditioning and cleansing properties, our liquid soap possesses excellent stable foaming abilities.

Sôp's natural liquid hand soap is Paraben, Phthalate, and Sulfate Free. It is Vegan , Cruelty Free, and All Natural.

The natural vegetable oil composition of the hand soap helps moisturize and soften the user's hands. Our formula ensures that our soap will deliver maximum experience for the user without the usage of harmful and harsh chemicals (found in most commercial soap). Moreover, our liquid soap helps promote and protect the skin barrier enhancing the user's washing experience. 

Sôp's natural liquid hand soap comes in six different scents:

  • Gardenia
  • Arabian Jasmine
  • Lavender
  • Black Musk
  • White Musk
  • Oud Rose. 

It is recommended, but not a must, that the user wet his hands before applying soap on his palms. The user should move onto washing his hands normally, enjoying the bubbles and the unique fragrance of the soap.

Sôp's natural liquid soap was microbiologically tested in the Industrial Research Institute (IRI) and the results showed no bacterial or fungal growth in the liquid soap. Moreover, the natural liquid soap underwent and passed a cycling stability test.

The usage of our soap should be forbidden for anyone with Olive, Coconut, or Castor allergies.

Sôp's natural liquid soap was tested and used by several people with sensitive skin (some suffering from eczema and dry hands). The results were astonishing, as people reported no signs of irritation and an increased condition of their hands skin.

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